Ethical Guide


Satan Clause Club in a nutshell – Intro

A place of commerce where you may trade anything among friends with virtual accounts located in Marshall Islands. This provides you the tax benefit of rich and multinational corporations even when being the regular man or women in the neighborhood.

Members (promissory note / stockholders) can insert any goods or services on to the wiki styled information bank where users can include themselves to the RSS feed to get the offers from sellers.

When registering as a User one must fill a personal profile questionnaire that will aid to self-develop the user to become a better man or women by recommending certain goods and services to build the psychic health to a level of enlightenment together with the sci-fi number game.

The SCC does not gather personal information since the personal profile information we have is so powerful that it is against the law to have it connected to personal ID so we let our Members and Users to remain anonymous. This also grants a possibility for a new beginning for persons with bad credit since the SCC platform supports Members to build a new clean platform to do business as hobby with more tranquility and grace. Members and Users who handle their economics well can have finance through our offshore finance partners.

When a Member gets bored with the setting he/she has built then he/she is able to trade the stock with another member to have new experiences in a new setting of land, culture and/or a trade. This kind of new revolutionary eco tourisms is a healthy and whole serving way for our planet earth to survive with the more increasing consumption needs of human beings.

Satan Clause Ethical Guide

We are building a 6 year Program to give the change of new beginnings for everyone with a secure platform where people are free to trade on goods and services globally with one currency. Our focus is in teaching how to gain the Strength, Knowledge and Resources for long and joyful life with respect and political correctness.

Our goals are to lift the spirit of humankind higher by enhancing the amount of pleasure and pain whatever the persons own goals and personal path to growth is.

We have divided these 6 years to special themes that resonate with certain energy centers and organs in our bodies that need to be in balance in order to lift the spirit higher after our official launch at 24th of December 2016. Now we are building the global consciousness primary with following key countries that play a vital role in their specially oriented energies focusing on our higher purpose:

Finland; Estonia; US (California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii); Mexico; Peru; Brazil; Australia; Indonesia; New-Zealand; England; Russia; Denmark; India; Nepal; Thailand; Egypt; Israel; Ethiopia; Hungary; China; Japan; Germany; Spain; Italy; Ivory coast; Portugal

24.12.2016-24.12.2017 Primary needs: Funds, Finance, Sex, Weapons, and Drugs

We all need a basic platform to feel good and be ready for our daily challenges. During this year we will focus on infusing this basic platform with ability to save sufficient Funds. Finance members and users to provide sustainable growth and refining activities to your local community. Support the opportunity to release sexual tension safely. Create the opportunity to own and practice with a weapon of choice to channel your unhealthy energies in a healthy and civilized manner under the laws of karma to create dharma. The weapon might be literacy or a pen if there are beasts around your home and firearms are legal in your country then firearms. Human body is an addictive one and we all need a drug of choice, be it yoga, coffee or some natural herb we want to provide you a legal platform to get it, talk about it and learn from it.

24.12.2017-24.12.2018 Secondary needs: Passion & Lust

We all have a special yearn for some services and goods. Sometimes we need this to feel special and to forget the irrelevant matters in our live to close it off. During this year we will focus on providing you as many options as possible to enjoy your daily life.

24.12.2018-24.12.2019 Personal power

We are all born with a soul and special task with it. During this year we will focus on supporting you to live from that soul in your community with practices and stimulants that enhance you being focused. There is no right or wrong there is just energy, Ying and yang, Sun and moon and we assist you to find your true origin with your destiny. Desirably in this life of yours.

24.12.2020-24.12.2021 Healing love of nature

We are all connected in a way that can be scientifically proven with all of our senses. Our heart is the unifying element with the nature and during this year we will focus on teaching you how to be one with the nature and yourself.

24.12.2022-24.12.2023 Unconditional love

The Angel love. This form of love can be felt between mother and a new born baby, elderly as with brothers and sisters also from another mother. It can be called “gay” love in the way as word gay use to mean happy in the 19th century not necessary the physical form of love between same genders as it is often misunderstood.